Changes from Love Plus (DS)Edit

  • No more checkpoint events
  • Parameters go up and down instead of increasing slowly
  • Texting is not as important in gaining affection
  • Personality Change event is much easier to unlock

Starting the Game~The First MeetingEdit

Set Your ProfileEdit

Last(Family) Name, First(Given) Name, Birthday, Blood Type, How to be called, and Handlename. None of these can be changed afterwards. This also the only time you can set Boyfriend Lock, so take it in a bright room.


First pick your room out of three (Dorm, Western-style, Japanese-style). Then pick how you call yourself, the gentler "boku" or the rough "ore." There is no changing afterwards, and they have no affect on the game.


1st MeetingEdit

Icons During SchedulingEdit

Girl's Face Story Event with said girl
Question Mark A Vs. Event between two girls
ToDo A ToDo Mission

Story Event/ProgressionEdit


Progression TipsEdit

ToDo EventsEdit

As you raise your affection level, a girl will ask you to do certain tasks for her. Usually it's accompanying her while she does something with you for a number of days. You have to choose the ToDo icon from Scheduling.

Once it starts you have three choices:

1) Go immediately

2) Go normally

3) Go Slowly

This will affect how many girls will try to sidetrack you, either with conversation or another task.

If you keep going eventually she will thank you and the ToDo will complete itself.

Personality Change EventEdit

Once you're nearing the Confession event, you will get text messages from your girl asking what personality do you like. Each girl has a default personality and two other ones she can change to. You can tell which personality she has by the color of her name's text when you're talking. Personality affects her tone for everything but topical conversation, what clothes she wears, and her room.

Jealousy EventEdit

If your affection level for two girls are high enough, you will activate a jealousy event. Usually one girl will visit you during an activity with the other girl. They are usually short but differ based on their personality type.

Other TipsEdit