Your BirthdayEdit

Play the game from 18 to 21 in RTM mode.

Otherwise it does not occur.

In contrast to the previous games(LP/LP+) where this event would occur first thing in the morning, in NLP the event occurs during the last shedule slot while it doesn't show up as an event in the shedule.

Her BirthdayEdit

ther birthday event occurs randomly when you play in RTM (it doesn't appear on the schedule)

April 20th / Anegasaki Nene:Edit

the event might take place randomly starting from the day before, the 19th around midnight(23:20 - 00.00) and will occur before the 20th ends based on when you enter the game receive a phone call from Nene instructing you to wait at the theme park, choose the present, meet her there, saying happy birthday to her, accompanying her, playing around for a while, and then accompanying back her home, give her birthday present (you can choose your present before going to amusement park) and ending the event with skinship

August 17th / Kobayakawa Rinko:Edit


October 5th / Takane Manaka:Edit


Valentine's DayEdit

game was released February 14th, first time event occurs February 15 to 29

White DayEdit

'white day' gift exchange will occur on / around March 15

if you've experienced 'Valentine's Day' event on February 15 to 29, 'white day' event may/does not occur

Enoshima Day Trip (1.2)Edit


you are now able to go on a day trip with her once a month.Saturdays, Sundays and during public holidays. the days when the "日帰り旅行 / Day Trip" becomes available, a "日帰り旅行" button will appear in the main menu. (AM8:00-PM21:00). pushing the "日帰り旅行 / Day Trip" button will start the day trip. Please enjoy the 江ノ島~ / Enoshima date with her.

  • the button will not appear if that particular holiday you've also arranged a date.
  • A photography event occurs twice during a travel.
  • It can go once in one months.
  • It goes to various spots. (It takes about 30 minutes.)

Monthly Book ReadingEdit

Takane Manaka / Anne of Green GablesEdit

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Kobayakawa Rinko / Boku no Measuring SpoonEdit

396255 246889882054071 246379258771800 593278 1485673358 n

Anegasaki Nene / Mōryō no HakoEdit

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Swimsuit ShoppingEdit


Tumblr m177ctL0IX1qdgu6q

just like in ラブプラス+ in order to buy a swimsuit for your girlfriend you have to either go on a date or visit as a second destination while on a date to the shopping mall at [臨海 | Bayside] -> [ショッピングモー | shopping mall]

after you arrive to the shopping mall (while on a date) instead of the 3 options you'll be then given a 4th option of visiting the swimsuit department. once in there you'll be asked if you'd like the girl to try a (1)bikini or a (2)one-piece on. after the girl has tried on her first swimsuit you will be asked your opinion and be given two options, (1) I like it!(buy) and (2) I don't like it!(try another). the girl will try up to 3 swimsuits for you, if you don't buy any of the three she tries on you will leave the store empty handed but you can visit again to buy a swimsuit anytime. if you do buy a swimsuit you are not permitted to visit the swimsuit section for a month.

there is a limit of 1 x swimsuit per month

in order for the girl to wear the swimsuit you have to visit the ocean(summer) or the indoor pool(any season)

(only summer)[臨海 | Bayside] -> [海水浴場 | Beach]

(any season)[とわの坂上 | Towano On a hill] ->[室内プール | Indoor swimming pool]

Eat-Together (Extended Event)Edit

to experience the following event fully it's not clear yet if it's rank or personality(orange) related



  • She greets you on the corridor in school and shows you the bento box (supposedly, you might see no box, just her stretching her hands to you » bug)
  • She asks where you want to eat the bento. Options are for the roof or the courtyard
  • There she shows you the actual bento. How it looks depends on your choice (see below)
  • She eats a bite » it's oishii!
  • This is probably rank/stat related because the latter one is not always triggered: Either she eats another bite or invites you to have a nomnom/bite. Tap the food to eat it.
  • This kind of depends on the previous point: Either she eats another bite or she notices that you have something in your face and removes it so cutely just to quickly eat it herself The first one can always happen, regardless of the previous point while the latter only happens when she let you eat something.
  • Some smalltalk and after that 3 choices of food for the next bento (TtB:Japanese/Western/Chinese)

Usa/Neko/Tanuki Mimi (Cosplay Ears)Edit

Tumblr m3zvvzZ3Ou1qdgu6q

after you buy a pair of cosplay ears available at ショッピングモール(Shopping mall) --> 'アクセサリーショップ(Accessory shop) you need to short date the girl and give them to her as a present, then wait for the girl to send you an email and ask the question if you'd like her to wear the ears or not. once you choose for her to wear them she will send another mail and ask you which ones you'd prefer(it doesn't matter which ones you buy, you will have all three options, only the color you've bought them in will remain the same), the reply options will be:

ウサミミ! / rabbit Ears!
ネコミミ! / Cat Ears!
タヌキミミ! / raccoon Ears!

she will then wear the ears (will not take them off even during rock/paper/scissors) for a period fo time in loveplus mode or the title screen

intimate photo sessionEdit


during a date,study date or visit to her room you can now enjoy an intimate photo session with her.

during a dateEdit

n order to trigger this hidden event you have to read the emotions of the moment. girl will be extremely happy and it will feel like she is waiting for you to take a picture of her and that precious moment. you will then hear a beep sound (and the photo icon flashes) and you will then have to click the 'R' button fast. the photo button usually flashes right after you leave the location you had set the date on and after the girl is giving you her opinion on the date location and activities you witnessed. the 2D backgrounds in this occassion remain the same but the girl can listen to your commands on how you want her to pose for you. "cute","pose","cheeeeeze" etc are words the girl can understand and act accordingly.

during a study date/room visitEdit

this time the event is full 3D with double screens and 3D backgrounds and the overall view is almost 360 / less limited than usual, the girl can listen to your commands on how you want her to pose for you. "cute","pose","cheeeeeze" etc are words the girl can understand and act accordingly. during study dates, after you've won for the 3rd time, you will enter the intimate photography session automatically after she changes into a cosplay outfit for the second time.

BUG: you might experience a bug where you can't move freely in this event if you've previously have the gyro effect on during the course of the date. be careful when you have this effect on as it might lock and minimize the potentials of the wider gyro view during this event.

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