Instructions (unlock item)

a number of game items are provided by magazines or various other sources.
here is a quick tutorial how to use them to your benefit:

in the title menu select:
1st option, オプション / Options -->
5th option, パスワード入カ / Password Key In -->
type the codes to unlock the items

once you confirm you'll get a 'bonus' screen,
that means unlocking was successful.

Instructions (give Item)

in the game every time before you meet with the girl
you will be asked if you'd like to give a present to her or not,
choose the 1st option and select the item you would like to give her
she will use the item whenever the time is appropriate.

Password listEdit

These are all known passwords that you can enter from the options menu.
Some codes are for all girls, some are for each girl.

Ichiban Kuji / SweatsEdit

Manaka : 1BankujiLP
Rinko : 1kujiNewLP
Nene : IchibanNLP

Weekly Ascii / HatEdit

Manaka : AsciiWeek
Rinko : AsciiAKB
Nene : AsciiPlus

TVBros. / PochetteEdit

Manaka : TVBrosLP
Rinko : TVBrosLOVE
Nene : TVBros

Special Shounen / Gold EarringsEdit

(All) BSMagazine

______ no kokoro / 100 RichEdit

Manaka : L5jsyuN97f
Rinko : BT4kx85puE
Nene : VtY69j7isw / EyeglassesEdit

(All) 4GamerNet

Dengeki Online / Blue Floral ScarfEdit

(All) DenOnline

ITmedia / WristwatchEdit

(All) ITmediaNLP

Weekly Shounen / 100 RichEdit


Weekly Shounen / Diamond RingEdit

(All) WSMagazine / Pair of TeacupsEdit

(All) FamitsuCom

Monthly Shounen Rival / Silver Heart & CrossEdit

(All) GSRival

Weekly Famitsuu / GlovesEdit

Manaka : Wfamitsu
Rinko : Sfamitsu
Nene : Famitsu

Dengeki G's Magazine / ApronEdit

Manaka : GsMagazine
Rinko : DengekiGs
Nene : DGsM


Signing up for the special Love Plus credit card in Japan gets you a Uribo themed umbrella.

Buying the Love Plus Pia magazine gets you a long scarf with a different design for each girl.

Buying the New Love Plus guide gets you 100 rich.

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