Dialogue and Phrases ListEdit

in order to read a list of the things you are able to call out to the girl visit here


(1.2) you can now see the whole of her when you select "Show me your feet / 足元を見せて" or by pressing the bottom D-Pad arrow key.

Love Plus Mode MenuEdit

431318 265733693503023 246379258771800 640546 810304212 n ラブプラスモード | Love Plus Mode

オプション | Option
you can turn these on/off by tapping on them.

1. Voice input
3. Tell The Time
4. Remaining battery alert
5. Keyword Display

カノジョにお願い | Ask your Girlfriend

1. タイマー | Timer
she will keep time 
and call out to you when done

2. 目覚まし | Alarm
ask her to wake you up or hit the alarm,
you'll get three options:
毎日 | Every day 
平日のみ | Only weekdays 
土、日、祝のみ | Only Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

3. 選んで | Select
if you're having difficulty deciding upon something 
give your girl the change to help you decide by 
asking her to choose (randomly)left or right for you

4. 慰めて | Comfort
if you're feeling down or
disappointed she will change her tone,
listen to your problem and comfort you

5. 添い寝して | (you can't go to sleep)
girl will lay next to you as you try to go to sleep

カノジョとあそぶ / Play With Girlfriend

1. ジャンケン | Rock, Paper, Scissors
play rock,paper,scissors with her,
either call out or click  one of the following:
グー | guu (=rock)  
パー | paa (=paper)  
チョキ | cho-ki (=scissors)

2. 対戦ぱずるだま | (Puzzle / Arcade Game)
the names of the Arcade game
that you can play with each girl,
(3 in total)

3. いっしょにストレッチ/腕立て/腹筋 | Abs / push - Stretch / together
appears at a specific period,
you can exercise with her
or watch her while she exercises


if the user is feeling suicidal they can use this button
and the girl will try to cheer them up and help them,
button can only be used once in a game's timeline

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